Latvijas Radio bigbends


CITS PAULS (Another Pauls) was the first, the grandest and the most important program to begin Ralfs Eilands’s concert activities in the year of the Latvian centenary. Now it is time for a sequel! Timeless melodies, maestro Pauls’s well-known songs performed by Ralfs Eilands and the Latvian Radio Big Band, modern jazz and funk arrangements with invigorating energy, a youthful flame, and excitement.

The concert programme Cits Pauls finds its roots in the Latvian Television New Year’s Eve programme where Ralfs Eilands and the Latvian Radio Big band performed Raimonds Pauls’s song Karuseļa Zirgs in an arrangement by Viktors Ritovs in the Electro Deluxe Big Band style.
“A musical gem” – music journalist Uldis Rudaks on Ralfs Eilands

4. April, 19:00