Latvijas Radio bigbends


The idea  of the concert program "Cits Pauls" are to be found at the Latvian Television and Radio Eve  program, when Ralfs Eilands, along with the Latvian Radio Big Band, performed Raimonds Pauls' work "Carousel Horse"  arranged by pianist Victors Ritovs, withheld in the musical style of "Electro Deluxe Big Band".

Maestro Raimonds Pauls recently celebrated the 81st anniversary - adding to this historical event, Ralfs energy and fervor, these all-so-known and beloved songs, with their unique, and at the same time universal message, will be able to inspire and inspire other generations, cultures and nations.

In the program "Cits Pauls", music lovers will have the opportunity to hear masterful pieces in new arrangements, Ralfs Eilands original music, as well as funk and soul music masters compositions.


25. November, 16:00